Train Ambulance from Ranchi

MPM Train Ambulance Services in Ranchi with Ultimate Patient Care, Jharkhand

Ranchi is the capital city of the Indian State of Jharkhand. We at MPM have been delivering outstanding Train Ambulance Services in Ranchi with state of the art ICU setup and highly experienced Health Professional. We accommodate vital life saving equipment such as ventilator, respirator, suction pump, Infusion machine, defibrillator, portable power supply and oxygen cylinder etc in the compartment of the train before its departure. Our medical train Escort services are delivered in reputed Trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi Express. A highly qualified Doctor together with a nurse or paramedic is deputed on the train ambulances from Ranchi to overall.

train ambulance service in Ranchi

Why people prefer our Train Ambulance Services in Ranchi?

For many advantageous reasons people prefer our train ambulance services in Ranchi. Some of them to be included here are:-

*Relatively Low Cost of Train Ambulances in Ranchi– MPM provides affordable train ambulances so that wider section of society can be benefited with the advantage of better medical transportation.

*Comprehensive and Comfortable- Our medical train ambulances are comprehensive and comfortable. The new LHB coaches of Indian Railways provide better option for patient transportation with spacious compartment which is noiseless and comfortable for long duration journey.

Beside the above mentioned features there are lot more advantages for which MPM Rail ambulance Services in Ranchi is the best option for critical patient transportation. Feel Free to call our advisers now to book a train ambulance in the medical emergency.