Train Ambulance from Jabalpur

MPM Train Ambulance Services in Jabalpur with Great ICU Setup, Madhya Pradesh

MPM is the pioneer train ambulance service provider in Jabalpur. We have state of the art technology to monitor and stabilize the health condition of the patient during entire course of patient transportation. The other factor for which MPM medical train ambulance Services in Jabalpur is widely chosen is its excellent patient management. We provide extra-ordinary patient care to everyone with impeccable treatment. Low Coast Train Ambulance from Jabalpur to other cities can be availed with just a phone call.

Why people choose MPM train Ambulance Services from Jabalpur:-

For many advantageous reasons people prefer our train ambulance services from Jabalpur. Some of the notable key features includes:-
train ambulance services in Jabalpur
*Bed to Bed patient transfer– This is a unique method of patient transfer in which a critical patient is picked up from the bed of a city and is shifted to the train with the help of ground ambulance. The vice-versa process is repeated on the destination city till the patient is shifted to the bed of the hospital or home.

*State of the Art ICU Setup- MPM accommodate complete ICU setup before departure of the train. Ventilator, defibrillator, respirator, suction pump, Infusion machine, oxygen cylinder, cardiac monitor and portable power supply etc are installed in the compartment of the train.

*Comfortable and Cost-Effective- The New LHB coaches of Indian Railways are spacious, noiseless and comfortable for long distance patient transportation. We all know that train ambulances are relatively cost-effective and can be availed by wider section of the society. MPM provides medical train ambulance Services from Jabalpur at lowest cost ever.

As train ambulance services are highly dependent on the schedule of Indian Railways hence we insist everyone to call us at least one or two days before departure so that necessary arrangements to book the tickets and reservation formalities can be ascertained.